Educational Field Trips

Educational field trips are scheduled throughout the school year by each division. These trips are vital to advance our student’s education and overall well-being because they provide unique learning experiences, social development, and fun physical activities. Through various educational field trips, students learn about the human body, history, science, music, arts, and so much more!

UAS encourages students to participate in educational field trips meeting these criteria:

  1. Involves a specific class or course,
  2. Intended for all students in the class,
  3. Takes students away from the classroom,
  4. Has identifiable educational objectives, and
  5. Includes preparing the students for an activity and follow-up evaluation.

Some places our students visit include: The Grand Mosque, Bait Al Othman Museum, Kuwait International Book Fair, Sadu House, Al Shaheed Park, Kuwait Zoo, The Scientific Center, Hawally Fire Station, Asnan Tower Dental Centre, The Kuwait National Museum, Diabetes Center, Flex Family Fitness, and Kidzania.