Athletic Program

The Universal American School Kuwait is a member of the Kuwait American Schools Activities Conference (KASAC) which competes with other American schools in Kuwait.  UAS also participates in the Middle East Unity Cup (MEUC), invitational international tournaments, and competes with international schools in the Arabian Gulf area.

We offer a number of different competitive teams for students to participate in throughout the year.  While each sport follows the guiding philosophy of UAS Athletics there are of course specific philosophies and procedures that pertain to each specific sport.      

Athletic sports, including volleyball, soccer (football), basketball, track and field, swimming, and badminton are offered to UAS boys and girls in Middle School and High School.  We encourage all students to try out at the beginning of each sports season. There are academic eligibility qualifications explained in the Student-Parent Handbook or available from our Athletics Office.

Teams are vertically aligned to ensure that proper skill development and age-appropriate competition is offered to all students from grades 6-12.  Ideally, students will progress through a sport, or multiple sports, from the middle school level to junior varsity, up to the varsity level.  In some cases, there may also be a development team for students in grades 4/5.  The purpose of this team is to help prepare graduating Elementary School students for entry into KASAC sanctioned competitions and events.   

Coaches and the Athletic Director will collaborate to schedule tryout dates and facility/equipment usage for each team.  During the tryout period coaches will assess our athletes to see which team and/or program is developmentally appropriate for them, and which gives them the best chance to succeed.  In some cases, there will need to be “cuts” made to the list of participants trying out for a team.  Coaches will meet individually with each student prior to the final roster selection to explain the reasons why they were not selected for a team and what they can do to develop and improve moving forward.  Once the final roster has been selected, student-athletes may not be sent down to a different team; however, players from a lower team may be periodically “called up” to help represent the team in certain cases.        

We also sponsor Academic Teams with Varsity and Junior Varsity Teams competing in the annual KASAC Academic Games.UAS allows students to participate in multiple teams throughout the year, which in turn helps make them a more well-rounded athlete and person!    

1.   Volleyball 

2.   Swimming 

3.   Soccer (football) (U-12, U-14)  

4.   Academic games  

1. Basketball  

2. Soccer (football) (Junior Varsity, Varsity)  

3. Swimming  

1. Track & Field  

2.   Badminton  

3.   Swimming