Admission Process

Policies and Procedures

Recommended age requirements for students are as follows:

  • Nursery: 3 years old by December 31
  • KG 1: 4 years old by December 31
  • KG 2: 5 years old by December 31
  • Gr. 1: 6 years old by December 31; And so on, through Grade 12

UAS admissions procedures are selective, and only average and above average students with no apparent behavior or learning difficulty gain admission.

Prospective students at Kindergarten levels (Nursery – KG2) are interviewed. There are no academic requirements for acceptance into Nursery and KG1 (3 to 4) years old; they must be toilet-trained and able to speak and follow simple instructions.

All other prospective students take an assessment test in English and Mathematics. These standardized test scores and the students previous academic records are used to determine if the student has attained an average or above standard for each subject. It is important to ensure that our challenging educational program is able to serve the applicant’s educational needs. Once the school has taken into consideration all the aspects of the applicant’s admissions process, the admissions team then makes its final placement decisions.

In cases where extra academic support is needed, the school has various strategies at its disposal to help bring the students to the required academic level. For example, there is the option of attending summer school or perhaps extra after school classes in a certain subject. Special academic support is taken very seriously by the school.

All students admitted to UAS must live with their parent(s) or an authorized legal adult guardian.

For all prospective students:

Beginning in February (and continuing on a rolling basis until classes are full) applications for the following year are accepted for consideration.

Application forms are available in the Registration and Admission Office at the Universal American School or you may Apply Online**.

** Please note that this process DOES NOT guarantee your child’s placement at UAS.

First: To apply, please provide the following documents before testing (copies only)

  1. Application form completed entirely (in both English & Arabic) signed by the parent or legal  guardian.
  2. Two recent passport size photographs.
  3. Copy of student’s Birth Certificate with full Immunization records.
  4. Copy of Student’s, Mother’s, Father’s/Guardian’s Civil ID cards.
  5. Copy of Student’s and Father’s/Guardian’s Passport for all students.
  6. Copy of Student’s and Father’s/Guardian’s valid Residency page for non Kuwaiti Students.
  7. Copy of Father’s Nationality certificate for Kuwaiti students.
  8. Copy of an Official Transcript or Report Cards from last three years including the current year.

*A non-refundable Application fee of KD 55 is payable prior to or on the day of the assessment test.

Second: Assessment Test

When ALL required documentation has been submitted with the appropriate fees* to the school Registration and Admission Office, UAS Registrar will contact parents to schedule an interview for Pre-Kg to KG2 applicants and an assessment test for grade 1 to 12 applicants.

Once the assessment test has been completed, the applicant’s file will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee. Admissions may be granted, denied or the School may place the student on a waiting list. In all cases, the parent/guardian will be notified of the outcome of the assessment.

If assessment results are satisfactory and places are available parents will be invited to register their children.

Third: If accepted, please submit the following documents immediately to complete student file and payment of KD 450 Admissions Fee is due within 3 calendar days to reserve the student’s seat:

  1. Complete Health File from Kuwait Ministry of Health / Previous School.
  2. Original Transfer Certificate from previous school.
  3. Financial Clearance Certificate from previous school.

Once ALL the above documents have been submitted to the admissions office, UAS will confirm a student’s start date. If the students file is incomplete, a student cannot start. It is a requirement stated by the Ministry of Education

Please e-mail your child’s required documents along with the Application to the respective registrar.

Please note the school will still have to see the Original documentation for attestation before your child will be able to start at the school.

Applications are considered on a rolling basis, depending on the availability of space.

Applicants will be advised as to how the admission test requirement will be fulfilled.

Families who arrive late in the year are treated individually as to their needs and UAS ability to serve them.

Students applying from overseas regardless of nationality must bring with them copies of school transcripts from the last three years that have been certified by the Kuwaiti Embassy or Consulate in the country they are leaving. This is required by the Ministry of Education and will allow students to complete the process of official registration at UAS.

If no residency visa, please provide a letter from the sponsor’s company advising visa is in process and indicate when visa will be completed. As a temporary measure, the school will accept a photocopy of entry visa. The school will require visa within 6 weeks of child starting school. Once the visa is received please provide us with a copy, so your child could be registered officially at the Ministry of Education.