The Library is not just a place to find books it is much, much more. Students may access the Online Catalog Destiny, Encyclopedia Britannica, and Research Engine EBSCO (as well as many other handy links) 24-7 through the UAS Virtual Library webpage.

Students receive lessons in Library Skills, Research Skills and learn how to access, process, and evaluate information from any library. Our Library curriculum goes hand-in-hand with the classroom curriculum.

The Library Staff are available for questions from 7am – 3:30pm, Sunday thru Thursday, when they are not engaged in teaching lessons.

Ms. Nola Wedeen, a Certified Librarian with a Master’s Degree in Library and Information Studies, heads the Library.

Please email us with any questions or comments: [email protected]. We welcome your suggestions.

Ms. Nola, Head Librarian

Ms. Phoebe, Librarian

Ms. Silva, Vice Librarian

Ms. Alia, Library Assistant

Ms. Jenan, Library Assistant

Mr. Ali, Library Assistant

Library Resources

Destiny is the leading library management software that helps students and teachers find books, information, and resources.

Destiny Online Catalog (no need to sign in to view the catalog, but you must log-in to place a “HOLD” on a book or to view “MYINFO”).

Britannica is an online encyclopedia tailored for student’s and teacher’s needs. It offers up-to-date, relevant, and reliable information, images, video clips, and audio files. Users can also access appropriately levelled support materials offered such as educational games, activities, and study guides.

Encyclopedia Britannica (please log in through the Virtual Library webpage).

EBSCO offers the most complete collection of full text reference resources. Thousands of journal articles, primary resource documents, country reports & maps, magazine & newspaper articles, radio & TV transcripts, and biographies are available at your fingertips.

EBSCO Online Databases (please log in through the Virtual Library webpage).

Please access the Virtual Library webpage to find instructional videos, PowerPoint documents, and Word documents telling you how to access these UAS resources.