Uniform Store

Our UAS dress code is based on the premise all students attending our school are of equal importance and worth. We practice the values of worth and dignity of each individual as a member of the larger student body and make no distinction between students of different nationalities, cultures, or socio-economic status.

Students must be in full UAS uniform each day unless otherwise notified. A Student ID for those in Grades 4 through 12 is part of their uniform and must always be worn. Shirts, slacks, sweaters, vests, physical education clothes, as well as socks, belts, and lunch bags are available for purchase from our Uniform Store. Please visit our  Online Uniform Store  for more details.

Parents who would like to exchange any item of the school uniform will need to send an email to make an appointment on the following email: [email protected]  

If you have questions, please send an email message to [email protected]