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Parents and other visitors can schedule an appointment by email for these authorized offices only: Admissions Office, Business Office, and Activities Office. We will respond to your email message within 48 hours of the sending date during regular school working hours. Parents and other visitors must adhere to all Universal American School (UAS) health and safety regulations or they cannot enter our building.

No other department accepts on-site appointments. Please ensure to pre-organize your request because under no circumstance is a parent or other visitor allowed into the UAS school campus without an appointment.

Parents can request a virtual meeting appointment with other departments as required. Students are not allowed to the UAS Campus until September 26, 2021 onwards as specified within the school re-opening dates for in-person on-campus learning. Students are not allowed to accompany parents during scheduled appointments at all times.

Requirements to Enter the UAS campus

  1. A Valid appointment with the Business Office, Admissions Office and Activities office only.
  2. Vaccinated Parents/Visitors must provide proof of vaccine through Kuwait Mobile ID & Immune upon entry to the building. Non-vaccinated parents are required to submit a valid 72 hour PCR as per the MOH/MOE requirements.
  3. All Parents/Visitors must pass the health & safety questions at the School front gate with security.
  4. Wearing a mask at all times on nose and mouth, practicing social distancing and disinfecting hands is required. Failure to do so will lead to no entry. Parents/Visitors are required to follow all health & safety regulations at all times. Disrespect towards UAS employees will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Failure to abide by health & safety requirements will lead to consequences.

Department Emails

High School [email protected]
Middle School [email protected]
Elementary School [email protected]
Kindergarten  [email protected]
Admission Office [email protected]
Activities   Office [email protected]
Business   Office [email protected]
Uniform Store [email protected]
Uniform Exchange [email protected]
IT HelpDesk [email protected]
PlusPortals [email protected]


Block 212, Mousa Bin Nassir Street, Hawally, Kuwait

[email protected]


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 (965) 1822827

 (965) 2261 5007

The Universal American School
P.O. Box 17035
Code 72451
Khaldiya, Kuwait


Phone Extensions

School Reception 100 Business Office 105
Kindergarten 127 Plusportals Office 407
Elementary School 200 Activities Office 119
Middle School 300 Clinic 120
High School (3rd Floor) 400 Uniform Store 601
High School (4th Floor) 500 Library 412
Registration 101 Human Resources 113