Elementary Activities

Elementary Student Council

Elementary Student Council provides an introduction to student government and is designed to make our school a better place to learn and grow. Only Grades 3-4 students serve on the Elementary Student Council but planned activities will be for ALL elementary students. The purpose of the ESC is to promote good citizenship, encourage responsibility, help to teach respect of all individuals in the greater school community, involve all students in sharing ideas and working together, and to help and support other individuals and groups in our community. Each Grade 3 and Grade 4 class will have a representative that will form our council.

Special Grade Level Activities

1st Grade
First grade does a family tree project. Students make trees with their family names and pictures. They ask their grandparents about Kuwait when they were young. They also share stories about how each family celebrates holidays and get-togethers. Students learn a lot about each other and traditions.

2nd Grade
Second grade celebrates Thanksgiving with their annual lunch. Students have the opportunity to perform a poem, dance, or song to honor the day. Second grade also honors mothers with a Mother’s Day Tea. All the mothers are invited to the classroom for a poetry presentation by students.

3rd Grade
Third grade students tour Kuwait observing the different buildings and area that provide Kuwait with government services. The students are actively engaged in a scavenger hunt looking for building, offices, museums, people and monuments. The students enjoy learning about their community and how their government works for them.

4th Grade
Every year on the 25th of February the 4th grade classrooms participate in National Museum Day. Each 4th grade classroom is turned into a mini-museum displaying examples of Kuwaiti history and culture. The families of the 4th grade students are invited to the school to view the exhibits, ask questions and sample traditional foods and refreshments.