Elementary School Academics

The Elementary school offers the best American education to students in grades one through four. Our full American curriculum includes an educational program designed to meet the needs of all of our students.

Our main goal is to help students become active learners in a nurturing environment that will lead to critical thinking, independence and lifelong learning.

We offer a wide range of programs to encourage growth and development. These programs include Language Arts, Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Arabic Language, Islamic Religion, Technology, Music, Art, Physical Education, and Swimming. We have a caring and highly trained staff, a solid and comprehensive curriculum and a variety of programs and activities designed to enrich your child’s education.

We also have guidance and counseling services to help all children to be academically successful. At each grade level, the school provides an intervention specialist that is able to provide services to those students needing extra help. Students that are found to meet the criteria for additional assistance are seen by their grade level intervention specialist several times a week in a push in (going into the classroom) setting. As always, our goal at UAS is to ensure that your child is successful!