Life in Kuwait

Living in Kuwait is a wonderful adventure offering perfect work-life balance. You’ll work hard and with your tax-free income can play hard, too! There is a multitude of diverse restaurants, shopping malls, local markets, parks, beaches, and desert experiences. Furthermore, safety and security in Kuwait should not be a worry because you can walk around any time with peace of mind.

Kuwait is a modern emirate with vast oil reserves and highly-valued currency called Kuwaiti dinar (KD). Its multicultural environment includes 30-percent Kuwaitis with 70-percent from other countries. You’ll experience a wide variety of languages, religions, traditions, festivals, and foods from Arab cultures and other nations. There are private hospitals featuring premier facilities and exceptionally skilled healthcare providers.

The weather is sunny year-round with temperatures cooling down from October through April when everyone enjoys a large variety of outdoor activities. Taxis and buses are practical and convenient transportation modes easily located in the city and suburbs.

Kuwait has amazing events and activities throughout the year promoting food, culture, music, drama, arts, crafts, museums, exhibitions, architecture, and sports. You name it and Kuwait has it! Additionally, Kuwait is centrally situated in the Middle East close to Europe, Asia, and Africa thereby offering numerous travel opportunities during long and short school holidays.