Our Message

Principal’s Message

Dear Students and Parents,

I am honored to have been chosen to lead the High School throughout the rest of the 2020-21 school year. I cannot express to you how proud I am of all our students, teachers, parents and little brothers and sisters that don’t interrupt when a big brother or sister is trying to study Calculus. Teachers are working hard to maintain the quality of instruction for which UAS is known, and I see them spending countless hours after school preparing lessons, making asynchronous videos and grading. UAS students are blessed with committed and professional teachers devoted to preparing their students for college and career. 

We will get through this together, and school will return to some semblance of normal. Although no one can give an exact date of that return, we all hope it will be sooner than later. 

In the meantime, communication is the key. We have been partners in this effort since last March. We will continue that partnership throughout eLearning and beyond. The silver lining within the Covid-19 cloud is that we have learned what it means to come together even when we are apart. As a UAS family, we have proven the old educational cliche, “It takes a village to raise a child.” UAS is a family with a long history of producing top notch students who become leaders in industry, science and the arts. UAS has been on this journey of excellence for 46 years. The pandemic may have caused a slight stutter in the step along the path, but it was just a stutter. We recovered quickly because we pulled together for our students. The UAS Mission Statement, in part, reads

The school strives to create an educational climate where students acquire the essential and necessary knowledge, understanding, and skills to reason critically, communicate effectively, learn continuously and think creatively when solving problems and making decisions.

UAS has proven its belief in this statement by maintaining  high standards despite the same hardships that have debilitated so many other institutions of learning around the world. This success would not have been possible without solid leadership from Mrs. AlGhanim, administrators, teachers, parents, students and, yes, the little brother and sister who leaves the big brother and sister alone to study calculus.


Charles Lester

High School Principal

Universal American School, Kuwait


Acting Vice Principal’s Message

Dear Students and Parents,

I am delighted to join the High School team at UAS, especially since I will be working with families and students who have crossed my path while they journeyed through the Middle School! As the Vice Principal of the High School, my goal is to ensure that students grow and develop into independent learners, while supporting their academic, social, and emotional needs.

I look forward to working with parents and students in a safe, positive, nurturing environment while actively engaging students to work towards their true potential.

I am eager to work with our talented educators in support of student learning through rigorous, collaborative experiences within the UAS curriculum with programs such as Advanced Placement classes, and our wide-range of High School electives and clubs. My goal as a Vice Principal is to build and strengthen relationships with staff, parents, and students, by setting high expectations for them and myself as we all strive to achieve our common goal: guiding students towards graduating from our High School with the life and academic skills they need to soar.

My door is always open if you wish to reach out!


Layal Sleeq, MA

Acting High School Vice Principal

Universal American School, Kuwait