Our Message

Principal’s Message

Dear Parents,

The Universal American School’s Early Childhood Department is excited to welcome you to a fabulous year of learning and growth. Whether you are a returning learner or new to our learning community, we are thrilled to have you as part of our Early Childhood Community.  The early years is an exciting time for learners. They begin to develop their personalities, their minds, and their love and joy for learning. We are honored to be part of your child’s learning journey. 

Young learners are inquisitive about the world around them. At UAS we offer a unique program that aims to develop the whole child: socially-emotionally, cognitively and physically through developmentally appropriate expectations. We believe in the environment (the classroom) being the third teacher.  We have many play areas that promote the student as the leader of their investigations and education. Our teachers are trained to guide children along their journey, observe and assess without interrupting the student at work and to help all children achieve success.  

We have a highly diverse, qualified, and talented staff. You can trust that your child will be supported, encouraged, and loved. We can’t wait to welcome you back and meet your child! 

We are your partners in your child’s education. Your child’s success is dependent on a strong relation between home and school. If you ever have any questions we want to hear from you. We look forward to working closely with you. Our doors are always open.  

At UAS, we strongly believe in safety, kindness, and responsibility in both our words and actions. We are fostering an environment where community members are self reflective and make choices that are safe, kind, and responsible. 

Always remember to choose safety, choose kindness, and choose responsibility.

Looking forward to a wonderful school year full of learning, memory making, and growth! 


Warm Regards,

Ms. Salma Taha

Early Childhood Principal

Universal American School


Vice Principal’s Message

Dear Parents,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to our vibrant Early Childhood department here at UAS! The first day of school marks a remarkable moment for every child and signifies a time of change and growth. As we embrace our young learners into the school’s routine, we recognize the pivotal role that social-emotional learning plays in their developmental journey. By giving prominence to these foundational skills, we are laying a mindfully curated program to navigate their academic journey.

Hence, our focus revolves around immersive, interactive, and hands-on learning encounters, which are pivotal in nurturing our students’ growth. Scientific studies have proven that learning through play facilitates a profound comprehension of the world around them, enabling learners to make connections to their experiences with deeper significance and understanding. Our dedicated educators have poured their efforts into crafting lessons catering to each child’s unique developmental needs.

In my role as the Assistant Principal of the EC department, my foremost commitment is to establish a culture of transparent and effective communication within our entire learning community. I firmly believe that we can foster an environment that nurtures and enriches your child’s educational journey by bridging the gap between home and the classroom. At UAS, our foundation is built upon the pillars of safety, kindness, and responsibility. I am wholeheartedly dedicated to ensuring that this transition for both our new young learners and their families is as smooth, secure, and enjoyable as possible.

On behalf of the EC department, it brings me immense joy to extend a warm welcome to you and your child at UAS, where a world of adventure eagerly awaits!


Warm Regards,

Rawan Alostath 

Early Childhood Vice Principal

Universal American School