Our Message

Principal’s Message

Dear Parents and Children,

Welcome to the EC Division at Universal American School of Kuwait. As Principal of the EC Department, I have had the opportunity to rely on my 40 years of educational experience, both as an educator and an administrator, and the support of an amazing staff of caring, talented educators, who have been able to create a unique educational environment, specially tailored for our youngest scholars. Actually, this year we will open the EC department with the headliner “Create the Magic” and I know as a community we will all work together to create this magic for our students. As a school we make it our first priority to provide a happy and safe environment within which our students can experience opportunities inside the classroom as well as the world around them. We encourage values of respect, consideration, and individual responsibility, and provide both challenge and support for our students. We prepare our students by shaping their young minds to be ready for what the world has in store for them.

The achievement of our students is built upon the hard work of teachers, students and parents. In EC we create the building blocks that will give the children those advantages that they will need in later years to be successful adults. Our school is committed to fostering excellence and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our parents and students who have survived this horrible virus but have persevered through it all and are ready to take the challenge to move on and are not afraid but ready to come out on top through hard work, risk taking and problem solving. I can’t tell you how excited I am to see you in the near future and may the magic always give us better days. Remember my door is always open.



Cheryl L. Wells

EC Principal
Universal American School

Vice Principal’s Message

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the UAS Early Childhood Community! Any first day of school is a special moment for all children and a time of change. This first day of school is especially unique, given the striking experiences the learning community has endured. As we welcome our young learners to school, we acknowledge that now, more than ever, social-emotional learning is of the utmost importance. Prioritizing developmental skills will help build a strong foundation to guide our early learners through their academic journey. Therefore, we aim to emphasize interactive, engaging, and hands-on learning experiences for our learners. Research has shown that learning through play will help our students make sense of the world around them as they begin to make connections and add more meaning and understanding to their experiences. Our teachers have been working very hard, in collaboration with the EC Counselor, to develop lessons that will meet each student and their unique developmental needs.

As the Vice Principal of the EC department, my priority is to foster transparent and effective communication with the entire learning community. In addition, I believe that by bringing the house as close to the classroom as possible, we can foster a more nurturing and effective school experience for our students. I am fully committed and passionate about making this transition for our incoming students and families as seamless, safe, and enjoyable as possible! On behalf of the EC department, I would like to wholeheartedly welcome you and your child to UAS, where adventure awaits!



Rawan Alostath

EC Vice Principal
Universal American School