40 Years of Success: “The goal is to provide the highest education standards.” Says Mrs. Al Ghanim

1 Dec, 2016
40 Years of Success: “The goal is to provide the highest education standards.” Says Mrs. Al Ghanim

Talk us through your educational and working experience.

I studied in the University of Kuwait and graduated from the Faculty of Law in 1981. I started my law career working on many cases up to the year 1990, when the invasion of Kuwait happened. Dnew1uring the conflict, I was with my family on a vacation in England.

Unfortunately, I could not work in England as my degree was not certified there, so my career stopped for a couple of years. The school reopened after the invasion but the campus suffered greatly from the war. I desperately wanted to reconstruct the school because of my great passion for education. Our country was in a complete catastrophe and I felt it was part of my job to help serve the community by building the school. It took two years to reestablish the school again and when we completed rebuilding the school, I was attached to this special place.

What was your motivation for building this school?

Serving my country. The motivation was simply giving excellent learning experience to all of the students who want to have a great future. Providing the best education in order for our students to enter world-famous universities and do outstandingly well. Giving students the essentials to make Kuwait a greater country in the future after the destruction that happened in the war. This was my ultimate goal.

What was your best and worst moment at UAS?

My worst moment would have to be when I saw this wonderful institution shred to pieces after the liberation. The damage made was so extreme that I felt completely lost. It was an extremely difficult challenge to get UAS back to what it once was. Without the amazing team that worked very hard to reconstruct this organization, we would not have gotten to where we are today. As for my best moment, it was when we transferred to the Hawally campus because I ensured a perfect second home for my students. There are also many other moments that I admire, like getting worldwide accreditation. To be honest, I just do not want to single out a best moment because it is so hard to do so, with such a prolific history that this school has.

There are many complaints from parents and students who drive about the parking lot; can you explain to us what the issue is?

I am desperately trying to ensure that the parking lot in the back area is kept as part of UAS. We are aiming to use this space for certain courses and also as a playing ground for our elementary and middle school students. Unfortunately, the Ministry of Education is planning to build another school there, which will create a hazardous situation. Any emergency that may happen, will cause a great struggle for students to get out of the school because the exits in the back are much more than in the front, so this will cause a great danger to student’s safety. We have to remember the traffic problems that we have even without anything in the back so we are trying our best to solve this problem.