High School Art & Digital Photography Exhibition

24 Apr, 2019

High School Art & Digital Photography Exhibition

April 14 to 19 – 2019

In April this year, as it has been the case during the previous years, UAS students were given the opportunity to see the brilliant art exhibition in the library put on by the esteemed Dr. Alice Barnier. The exhibition consisted of works done by High School students of Art I, Art II, AP Art, and Digital Photography. The exhibition allowed art students to put in the practice of all aspects in order to set up an art exhibition in a space similar that of a gallery. Selecting quality works, framing, measuring the space, sending invitations and hosting younger students were done in an excellent manner. All UAS students, including students from Kindergarten (who were invited to see the exhibition) responded with enthusiasm. There was a variety of different art styles displayed and different materials used. The students used acrylic paints, pencil colors, and even digital art was showed, along with many other forms.

The exhibition clearly showed that we, as UAS students, are doing well in developing and maturing our creativity and exploring different art styles. At the same time, we also learned about the history and prominence of art. This kind of development (I believe) is extremely important to young minds, and as an Art student myself, am grateful that UAS has given me the opportunity to discover myself through art.

Yasmin Muzaffar, edited by Jude Qassem