Holiday Concert by UAS Singers and All Star Band

10 Dec, 2017

Holiday Concert by UAS Singers and All Star Band

On Dec. 3rd and 4th UAS students were entertained with a “Holiday Concert” by the music department, under the direction of Ms. Kluever and Dr. Dallaire.

The Elementary “UAS Singers” sang great songs about Santa; with Ms. Kluever choreographing the songs to make the performance exciting and fun.

For one selection, Grade 7 students, Dima Al Othman and Leeda El Samad played the Ritornello on transverse flute.  Grade 5 and 6 bands performed simple numbers to show what beginners can learn in 3 short months since the beginning of the school year.

The “UAS All Star Band” made up of students from Grades 7, 8 and High School performed a wide variety of music for Middle and High School students. We heard music from the “Star Wars” saga, a traditional March “Aces of the Air” and a number of holiday songs.. New Orleans’ music was also highlighted; performers improvised or composed on the spot solos on “Basin Street Blues”. The show ended with the ever-popular “Smoke on the Water” by the group “Deep Purple”.

The UAS community is lucky to have such good singers and musicians who share their talent and brighten up everyone’s day.