JV Boys Volleyball –Coach McSwiggen says: “If we keep this momentum going and not lose then we’ll have a shot at this”

29 Nov, 2016

The JV boy’s volleyball are team trying to make their way to the final and a great win. While interviewing Coach McSwiggan, I have learned that the team has been very consistent with the games in general, as well as the players’ serving skills, their blocking skills, and techniques. The team practices two to three times a week.

The team’s form is good, but as the coach says: “teams can always improve as I said before keep consistent and get our serves over.” Being ready and deterjvolleymined, the JV Eagles have been handling the other schools’ teams as they come. Nevertheless, the coach says that the players need to expect that every game is going to be difficult as if they go into the game thinking that it’s going to be easy the team might not perform as well as they could.

Nael, one of the players said that the team has been playing volleyball at an average level so far, and that when they win they play their hardest, and when they lose it’s either bad luck or they did not play very well. Nael said that in every game the team could have done better whether it is by a bit or better by a mile. He also said that if they were to correct every mistake during practice they could win almost every game. The team is said to get along with each other really well, and that they have good chemistry. Nael, one of the players says, “We have a small but strong team; the players that usually start are the most valued players in the team.”

The team try their best every game and though they may win or lose, they are happy with their individual performances and their performance as a team.