UAS Earth Week 2018

30 Apr, 2018

Several environmental events and themes took place last week in honor of “UAS Earth Week 2018.” The project took place from April 22nd to 26th designed to promote a sustainable culture at UAS and beyond. On international Earth Day, last Sunday, April 22nd, the theme was “Recycle,” with regular School-wide Recycling and the overview of events announced. On Monday, April 23rd the theme was “Biodiversity” and students raised money for the community garden. The Paint a Rock activity for the Garden took place on Tuesday, April 24th outside and also on Tuesday under the theme, “Conserve” people school-wide participated in a ‘UAS Earth Hour’ with lights off from 9:30AM-10:30AM. On Wednesday, April 25th the theme was “Healthy lifestyle” and teachers played against students in an entertaining lunch-time dodge ball match. Also on Wednesday, the Green Ambassadors students again took out the School-wide recycling. Finally on Thursday, April 26th the School furthered the pledge to ‘Go Green’ & ‘Plastic-free’ under the theme, “Reduce & Reuse.” There was a Green Dress-down Day for several levels and a pledge by all of the community to only use reusable bottles on campus. Well done UAS for wonderful efforts that continue to support global environmentalism and sustainability!