UAS Teachers Share their Skills

12 Nov, 2017

UAS Teachers Share their Skills

Sneak Peak #1: Marwa Kassem shared how to use creative play to teach storytelling and then to allow students to explore through centers.  Marwa presented information based on firsthand experience in her KG2 classroom to 40 staff members.  The presentation focused on learning to use curiosity, open-mindedness, imagination, and problem solving when teaching storytelling.  Teachers were able to walk away with an idea of how to plan centers through engaging creative skills. 

Sneak Peak #2: Amanda Edenfield presented, Elementary Writing Tips, Tricks, and Tidbits, to 20 staff members.  The focus of the session gave elementary teachers ideas and resources to use when teaching writing.  Amanda, a grade 3 teacher, was able to connect writing to our school’s focus on 6+1 Traits.  Each teacher walked away learning how to model writing for students, something that could easily be prepared for a lesson the very next day.

Sneak Peak #3: Michelle May offered her plethora of knowledge regarding research and practice in the area of writing.  Michelle teaches 7th Grade Language Arts and introduced methods of teaching students how to identify a topic in writing as well as organize other aspects of writing.  With a full classroom of 30 staff members, teachers had the opportunity to practice the skills Michelle shared, like student spot light writing.  Teachers were able to gain understanding of how to implement these methods by engaging in this interactive professional development session. 

Sneak Peak #4: Gretchen Mitchell imparted her knowledge and passion for math in a session on how to push math practice standards in to various levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy.  Twenty staff members learned what the math practice standards were and how to use them to plan and engage students in lessons.  The idea being that if students are engaged, then the student’s overall performance should increase. 

Sneak Peak #5: Erin Witthoft lead a session focusing on 21st Century Math, to 20 staff members.  The knowledge of years of research, best practices, and applying these to the classroom, Erin was able to share a variety of strategies when approaching feedback, notes, higher-order thinking, cooperative learning, projects, and problem solving.  Teachers were given time to brainstorm how they could implement or adapt these strategies to their classrooms.