Assistant Director’s Message

Welcome to the Universal American School, Kuwait, celebrating its 48th year of academic excellence! As a mission, UAS is always committed and dedicated to providing an excellent educational environment where students continues to strive to learn and understand what it means to be responsible, productive and ethical citizens. Within our philosophy, UAS strongly believes  that an effective, demanding, stimulating and caring education fosters personal growth and development necessary for students to reach their fullest potential and prosper in life.  Through our Definition of Learning, where at UAS we strongly believe that “Learning is the conscious cultivation of character and mind”, where emphasis upon positive behavior, transfer of skills and creative learning are the current areas of focus.

At UAS, we choose … safety, kindness and responsibility at all times. Safety and security of our entire community is crucial to our daily practices, and with the support of parents such is achieved remarkably. The entire UAS community is encouraged to be kind at all times, considerate of our diverse community and empathetic towards change and differences. Responsibility at UAS goes beyond the school grounds, but seeps into ensuring the entire student body develops into ethical and moral global citizens. 

In order to achieve such beliefs and practices, efforts are to be always made as a collective community comprising all UAS staff members, students and parents working together towards the ultimate goal.

Wishing our entire UAS Community a positive 2023-2024 academic year ahead!


Bibi I. Al-Ghanim, EdD

Assistant Director

UAS Alumni 2001