Assistant Superintendent’s Message


Dear UAS Family,

If anyone had tried to tell us a year ago how drastically our lives would be transformed, I don’t think we would have ever believed them.  While change is inevitable, and frequently uncomfortable, in hindsight we are often amazed at how much we learn and grow when confronted with change. 

Online, synchronous and asynchronous learning is new to each of us.  For the success of all, all must be willing partners in this novel educational journey as neither the teachers, nor the students can do this on their own.  As a school community we are preparing to meet not only academic needs, but the critical social-emotional ones, as well.  We have tailored the synchronous schedule, to the best of our ability, to be considerate of parent’s work timings relevant to the ages of students.  Faculty have worked diligently with administration to research ‘best practices’ for online learning as the student’s engagement is critical for continued motivation.  Even the most robust online program will not show significant gains for students unless parents partner with the school to provide a stable learning environment and the necessary tools, such as computers and Internet. 

How can parents help support online learning?

  1. Build a schedule at home. Schools are all about schedules! Having one creates structure that is not easy to maintain when working from home.
  2. Communicate in a timely manner when there are concerns. Misunderstandings are quickly resolved and further issues avoided when communication is regular.
  3. Be a role-model of hard work and persistence. Remote teaching and learning are not easy, but, like anything new, it will get better over time and with practice.
  4. Set up a designated workspace. Organization and routine are what sets everyone up for success.
  5. Get to know the online platform, whether it is SeeSaw or Plus Portals. Your ability to navigate this area will be crucial in the first days of online learning.

As our teachers prepare to return to Kuwait, and families get ready for ‘Back to School’, the most important items we can have at the ready are patience, flexibility and grace.  Working together we can achieve our common goal: student success.

Wishing all our families continued good health!

Mrs. Sarah Borisly

Assistant Superintendent