Assistant Superintendent’s Message

Dear UAS Family,

It is back-to-school time and once again we eagerly await our student’s return to the building and full face-to face learning! We also anticipate offering a full range of afterschool activities, clubs  and sports to balance the rigorous academics and support the development of the whole child.

At UAS, “Learning is the conscious cultivation of character and mind.”  As a community we all benefit when we put our hands together and strive to develop and build relationships with one another. This is the foundation of all we do and hope to achieve. This year we are focusing on positive behavior management as we want our learners to be intrinsically motivated to make good choices for themselves and to be a role model for others. We are also concentrating  on the transfer of skills across the curriculum knowing that repeated exposure and opportunities to practice new skills in various content areas creates ownership of learning and a deeper, more meaningful understanding. 

We aim to partner with our parents in creating successful, happy students and will be offering opportunities for your involvement. Please take the time to read all communication from the School and your child(ren)’s teachers so you are aware of all the events taking place in their classrooms and the School.  We welcome your full participation in your child(ren)’s educational journey.   

Wishing our families a wonderful start to the new academic year!

Mrs. Sarah Borisly, M.Ed.

Assistant Superintendent

Universal American School