Mission, Philosophy, and Strategic Plan

UAS Mission 

Universal American School (UAS) is committed and dedicated to providing an excellent educational environment where students learn and understand what it means to be responsible, productive, and ethical citizens. The school strives to create a teaching and learning climate where students acquire the essential and necessary knowledge, understandings, and skills to reason critically, communicate effectively, learn continuously, and think creatively when solving problems and making decisions.

The school’s mission is actively pursued within the contexts of an international student body and a caring, supportive, and nurturing professional staff.


UAS continually dedicates its fiscal and human resources towards preparing students for both immediate and ongoing success in an ever-changing and challenging world. Virtually all graduates continue their formal education by attending some of the finest universities throughout the world. UAS empowers its students to comprehend the importance, appreciate the significance, and respect Arabic language, culture, traditions, and religion while using English as the primary means of communication and instruction. UAS strives to develop in all its students the capacity to become productive, ethical, and moral participants in a culturally diverse and technologically advanced global community.

UAS believes an effective, demanding, stimulating and caring education fosters personal growth and development necessary for students to reach their fullest potential and prosper in life. This educational belief occurs best and yields optimal results when embedded in a collaborative and collegial learning community: 1) characterized by high expectations and demonstration of ethical and moral behavior and conduct from students, staff, and teachers, and 2) where students, educators, and parents are actively involved in all facets of the educational process.

UAS further believes diversity of its student body, staff, and teachers are a source of substantial strength and must be respected, nurtured, and celebrated.

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Definition of Learning

The UAS Definition of Learning states, “Learning is the conscious cultivation of character and mind.” Under our accreditation with the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, we follow the ACE Learning Principles approach to learning, which is experiential, hands-on, student centered and focused on long term impacts. The UAS Mission Statement aspires to have an impression on students long after they graduate and the ACE Learning Principles measure the extent to which a learning community has achieved aspirations and goals articulated in its Mission and its conceptual understanding of learning.

UAS Strategic Plan 2018-2023

The Strategic Plan provides goals and action plans to help drive our administration forward to a secure, mission-driven institution that supports education for 21st Century learners. Parameters serving as a thoughtful guide to decision-making play an important role to ensure the our school’s future will stand the test of time for many years to come.  Click here to read more.