UAS MyMedBot

I, hereby acknowledge that I am fully aware of the symptoms of the Corona Virus (COVID – 19) and additional variant viruses which may arise. I have been informed of the health procedures, requirements and medical advice to be followed as specified in the School Clinic section of the Student/Parent Handbook 2021/2022. I am also aware of the health risks in case of the failure to comply with the requirements of the Ministry of Health and to avoid the legal accountability with regard to Law No. (8) of 1969 and its amendments. Based on the aforementioned:-

1)     I Acknowledge to disclose if any family member is infected with Coronavirus, inform the nursery management immediately, and not to bring the child(ren) to UAS.

2)     I fully agree to completing the MyMedBot for my child(ren) daily by the specified deadline timings as instructed by the UAS administration and School Clinic in full transparency and accuracy.  

3)     I ensure full commitment and cooperation with the UAS administration and School Clinic to submit to the public interest to protect society of any special diseases or epidemics.

4)     I hereby acknowledge and understand that in the event that I do not comply by these health and safety procedures in the accordance with the aforementioned law, I will subject myself as the legal parent/guardian of my child(ren) enrolled in UAS 2021/2022 academic year to penalties and any legal accountability as governed by the State of Kuwait and the Universal American School, Kuwait policies.